Ragnar Nurkse Triple Tower


Aadress: Lõõtsa 8a

The Technopolis Ülemiste AS-administered commercial office building is situated at Lõõtsa 8a on the Ülemiste City’s innovation campus.

The ten-storey commercial building boasts some 24 000 square meters of office space. Upon completion, the total office space area of Ülemiste City district will grow by as much as 50%, bringing with it up to 2500 new workers. Over 30 million Euros have already been invested in the construction of the structure. The triple tower is named after the world-renowned Estonian economist Ragnar Nurkse. Planning of the building has made provisions for environmentally friendly solutions as well as energy efficiency – the building’s weighted energy usage class is in the “C” category.

The building is equipped with modern communication and ventilation infrastructure. Rooms are supplied by mechanical inlet/outlet ventilation, with cooling systems that guarantee required temperatures. Interior temperatures can be adjusted by the client on a room-by-room basis. A lot of effort has gone into designing sound isolation and dampening systems.

Each floor in the building has a centrally located elevator hall and staircase. Elevators have wheelchair access and Braille systems installed. In the spacious primary hall located in the central tower, guests are welcomed by receptionists. Access to the triple tower is guaranteed on a 24/7 basis. Unlike typical office buildings, where alterations to the layout are time- and resource-intensive, the triple towers facilitate swift changes to the design of the layout without requiring undue effort.

The standardised floors (3-10) can either be set up as open-plan uniform spaces, or each of the floors may alternatively be subdivided into up to four discrete sections. Partitions separating offices can be moved, and the number of rooms and workstations can be readily altered. At the time of the handover, all rooms are fully fitted out and ready for instant use.


Name of building: Ragnar Nurkse Triple Tower
Address: Lõõtsa tn 8a Ragnar Nurkse Triple Tower
Total area: 7622 m2
Total office area: 24 000 m2
Floors: Three 10-storey buildings (towers I, II and III)
Architectural solution: Oliver Lemarchandi, Larkas & Laine OY
Building contractor: NCC Eesti AS
Developer: Technopolis Ülemiste AS
Date of completion: IV quarter of 2013


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