Ustus Agur building


Aadress: Lõõtsa 8

The Technopolis Ülemiste AS-administered Ustus Agur building is situated at Lõõtsa 8 in the Ülemiste City district.

The 10-storey building was completed in 2008, having been christened in honour of the renowned Estonian IT scientist, Ustus Agur. The Agur building is the brainchild of architect Eesro Endjärv and interior designer Kristi Lents-Esnar from the AET architect bureau.

The building’s architectural solutions are most notable for the use of a monotonous sequence of red dots, strip-windows and red screens, all working together to convey the idea of a computer world straddling science and fiction. The elevator shafts and offices spiral around the core of the structure, facilitating an equitable spread of views and light between individual offices. Interior design solutions are bold and denoted in warm colours, thereby creating a harmonious working environment.

Name of building: Ustus Agur building
Address: Lõõtsa tn 8
Total area: 9383 m2
Total office area: 8300 m2
Floors: 10 floors
Architectural solution: AET Arhitektid / Vaikla SAB
Building contractor: Celander OÜ
Developer: Technopolis Ülemiste AS
Date of completion: 2008

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