Restaurant Dvigatel Hall


Price: 1h – 0 EUR *If the catering for the event is ordered from Restaurant Dvigatel. VAT 20% will be added.

Capacity: 500 persons

Equipment: Spacious hall through three floors. Tables, chairs, show-cooking areas. Outside terrace and a park with a pond. WiFi.

Services: We offer a large selection of catering and take care of your coffee breaks. We also offer the possibility to use our Grill&Chill and Pasta&Pizza areas, for show-cooking events, and invite you to use our park area for summer events.

Additional information: The hall area of Restaurant Dvigatel is suitable for afternoon seminars and events, and week-end gatherings. You are welcome to use our space from 15:00 in the afternoon on workdays and from 9:00 on week-ends.

Restaurant Dvigatel Meeting Room is situated in Ülemiste City, Lõõtsa 6, first floor. Entrance A.
Mob.: +372 58 866 286