Karl Papello


Karl Papello (1890-1958) 

The building on Valukoja 7 has been named in honour of Karl Papello, the Estonian inventor of a wide range of precision engineering, optical, military and medical technology equipment who has over 100 patents to his name.

Papello worked on creating and developing mechanical analogue computers. An anti-relativist, he tried to develop a mechanical teaching on light in his theoretical studies on physics, and to prove that light phenomena follow the laws of mechanics.

Papello, called “the Estonian Edison” by his contemporaries, developed the innovative anti-aircraft guidance system T5, which was adopted by many of the major world powers and is considered one of the most remarkable ever Estonian inventions.

In 1932, Papello left Estonia to work in the world-renowned Carl Zeiss company in Germany and made a name for himself as a valued engineer.

Karl Papello Building is in Ülemiste City at  Valukoja 7.