“Want to relocate to Estonia? It’s so easy. You don’t even have to move here. Earlier this year, the Baltic nation began issuing the world’s first “e-residencies,” granting foreigners the same digital identities that are Estonians’ birthright. With that comes the ability to hold bank accounts, register businesses, sign contracts, and gain access to more than 4,000 local services.” / 5 Global Cities of the Future


“Unsurprisingly, Tallinn has its own version of Silicon Valley in the form of Technopolis/Ulemiste City, which is located near to the airport. It hosts a large number of tech enterprises, with both SMEs and more established companies.” / Inside Europe’s hidden tech cities


“The capital of the diminutive Baltic state of Estonia, perhaps most famous for delivering Skype to the world, has an enviable reputation; that of being one of Europe’s most intelligent cities, according to the Intelligent Community Forum.”

Forbes / Five Entrepreneurial Places In Europe Where Hub Things Are Happening


“Good political leadership and digital innovation explain the Baltic success story.”

The Washington Post / Why Estonia is a country for the future

“I have read government digital strategy blueprints and they typically miss one thing that Estonia gets in spades: simplicity. Make the tax and legal system simple, make the country an easy place to live in, and investments and talent will follow.”

Financial Review / How Estonia became one of the most digitally advanced nations in the world


“From medical records to taxes to ID cards, Estonians rely on – and trust – information technology more than any other nation in the world. In the process they have also created a lively entrepreneurial spirit that is not held back by the country’s small size.” / Estonia, the land of e-everything


“The biggest benefit for Konecranes are the qualified, motivated and trustful people the Estonian labor market offers. We are confident of providing a high quality service to our internal customers from Estonia.”

Finance Estonia / Case Study about Konecranes