Kindergarten Kalli-Kalli

Kalli-Kalli kindergarten is located in Tallinn, on the premises of Ülemiste City’s business campus. The kindergarten is situated close to the town centre, and lies adjacent to picturesque gardens, which form picturesque and environmentally friendly surroundings.

The kindergarten is made up of five separate groups: two are nurseries, and the remaining three are made up of mixed groups of children. Kalli-Kalli kindergarten provides day-care services for up to 84 children, plus a small day-care unit for up to five infants between ages 1.6 – 2.2 years. The kindergarten operates year round on business days between 07.30 and 19.00 (07.30 – 18.00 during summertime). The kindergarten’s day care group is open between 08.30 and 17.00.

Our aim is to provide top-quality, convenient and child-friendly day-care services as well as basic pre-school education. To that end, our kindergarten specializes in constantly monitoring every child’s individual progress, which we seek to support by assessing each child’s inclinations and formative capacities in particular fields. Evaluations are carried out by a qualified psychologist with specialized training in child psychology. In addition to the aforementioned services, older children will be given the opportunity to engage in further learning activities once a week.

Innovation is the key to our approach in formulating daily routines as well as engaging in learning activities. Interactive tablets are used, which provide the children with a variety of stimulating activities with positive educational value. We have also devised and successfully employed a novel e-diary system, which is a first for kindergartens.

Kalli-Kalli kindergarten involves children in a seamless process of learning from infancy to pre-school by employing a stimulating mix of games and creative activity. Children can take part in the work of five different hobby circles, with minors between the ages of 6-7 being offered the opportunity for pre-school tutoring.

What ultimately matters, however, is that the children are offered the possibility of enjoying a happy childhood. A childhood that is filled with laughter, albeit at times mingled with tears, wonders of discovery, shared joys of co-operation and growing up, and perhaps a lost sock or two…

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