Visibility advertisement

There are 6 visibility screens in Technopolis Ülemiste buildings: Lõõtsa 2A, Lõõtsa 2B, Lõõtsa 5, Lõõtsa 6, Lõõtsa 8 and Lõõtsa 8A, A-and C-tower.

Advertisements on the screens are visible to more than 4000 people a day.

42” screen shows up to 5 advertisements, which switch after every 10 seconds.

Advertisement properties:

Information is displayed as .jpg format advertisement, with measurements: W=3508px, H=4961px

or a video in .mp4 format, with measurements: 1000x1413px.

Advertisement is designed according to customer wishes, by the client himself or in cooperation with Technopolis Ülemiste partner for extra charge.

It is advisable to book your ad space for at least two weeks before the start of the campaign.


Visibility advertisement price is 150 EUR/week. VAT will be added to the price.

Discount: 2 weeks: -10%, 4 weeks -25%.

For more information: