Office Space

Kinnisvara tüüp:  Bureau
Pind:  492,6 m2
Asukoht:  Lõõtsa 4
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The Johannes Käis Office Building operated by Technopolis Ülemiste AS is located at Lõõtsa 4 in the Ülemiste City campus.


The architectural solution of the office building in Ülemiste City combines modern architectural techniques with the social history embedded in aged buildings. Two additional storeys have been added to the building.


The red brick window arches and the cleaned limestone walls that remain of the old building are contrasted by large expanses of glass, which is characteristic of modern buildings. This provides the former dark factory building with the light necessary for operating an office.


The U-shaped layout of the building creates contact between two office blocks and establishes a cosy inner courtyard where the three entrances to the building are located. The courtyard features a representative limestone façade, special lighting and container plants, which give the entire complex a specific character.


Inside, the ‘old’ has been preserved in the form of partly exposed limestone walls. As is common in modern offices, the rooms can be easily rearranged and the light walls can be effortlessly relocated in the event of structural changes. Each office has its own bathroom as well as a kitchen area with brightly coloured furniture.