Office Space

Kinnisvara tüüp:  Bureau
Pind:  52 m2
Asukoht:  Lõõtsa 8
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The office building operated by Technopolis Ülemiste AS is located at Lõõtsa 8 in Ülemiste City.


The 10-storey building was completed in 2008 and was named after Ustus Agur, an Estonian computer and technology scientist.


The Ustus Agur Building was designed by architect Eero Endjärv and interior architect Kristi Lents-Esnar from AET Arhitektid.


The architectural solution of the building is eye-catching thanks to its line of monotonous red dots, strip windows and red partition strips, which are reminiscent of a sci-fi computer world.


The lifts and utility shafts are located in the centre of the office tower and the offices are concentrated around the stem, thereby receiving equivalent views and an equal amount of light. The interior design is optimistic and completed in warm colours, creating a harmonious working environment.